Pénichette Boat Holidays - Brandenburg

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Penichette Boat holidays and Europa boat holidays from Ketzin base

Starting from Ketzin you will need a boating licence valid for your country of residence. This is not required if no licence is necessary to drive a similar boat in your own country.

From our new base at Ketzin head for Berlin. The official capital of Germany since 1999, Berlin combines the ultramodern with old established landmarks, such as the Reichstag with its new glass dome, the Brandenburg Gate, the famous Tiergarten park, and the Museums Island.

See Berlin from the 100 kilometres of canals that flow through the city, and soak up the city centre atmosphere. Moor in the heart of the tourist area at a number of overnight halts.

Lake in Germany with Penichette
Penichette on lakes

More to the south and to the east, between the Spree and Oder find some of the best food in Germany.

Lovers of pure nature and tranquility will go north from Ketzin on the Havel as far as Havelberg. The countryside is magnificent with few visitors. Don’t forget to make a halt at red-brick Brandenburg with its famous statue of the giant Roland

Please note that parts of this area of Eastern Germany do not have an extensive tourist infrastructure. Some maps and guides may only be available in German.

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Penichette Cruising Routes in Brandenburg


1 week:

Ketzin - Spandau - Charlottenburg - Berlin centre - Erkner - Kopenick - Wannsee - Posdam - Ketzin.

160km, 5 locks, 3h 30 / day


1 week:

Ketzin - Brandenburg - Rathenow - Havelberg

234 km, 8 locks, 5h / day.

10/11 Days:

Ketzin - Potsdam - Brandenburg - Rathenow - Havelberg

354 km, 8 locks, 4 h 30 / day.

2 Weeks:

Ketzin - Potsdam - Berlin centre - Hennigsdorf - Oranienberg - Zehdenick - Regow - Furstenburg

340 km, 20 locks, 3 h 45 / day.

Ketzin - Spandau - Berlin centre - Markish Buchholz - Erkner - Rudersdorf - Teupitz - Bad Saarow - Posdam

385km, 17 locks, 4h / day

See also Area Guide to Germany and cruises in Mecklenburg